Born in the UK, William Allum earned a BA Hons in Media Production and Film Studies at the University of Winchester, UK, 2008. Working on countless short films since his college days, he won the grand prize in the Motion Graphic & HDR photography category for the Scan Velocity 2014 competition. Now living in London, he works full-time in broadcast and film. Specialising in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, he aims to continue in this area while also building on directing and producing. 

His short film Hell's Valley: Japan's Snow Monkeys was shot while living in Japan and is now being screen in festivals.

Currently in production for his first feature documentary as co-director with Nathaniel Imber, with more feature projects planned in the future.



Scan Velocity 2014 Competition - Grand prize of the Motion Graphics & HDR category.
Mocha (3D Tracking) Halloween Contest 2013 - Chosen as one of the top 5 entries/winners.




BRITISH NIGHTMARES - Director/Producer - 90 min feature documentary, currently in Production.

HORROR IN JAPAN- Director/Producer/Camera/VO/Editor/Motion Graphics - 45 min documentary, 2008. IMDB

Aimed at true Japanese horror fans, with interviews from Takashi Simizu, Joe Cornish, and Jasper Sharp.



VOICEMAIL - Director/Producer/Camera/Editor/Visual Effects/Motion Graphics - 3 min short, 2015.

HELL'S VALLEY - Director/Producer/Camera/VO/Editor - 8 min short documentary, 2014. IMDB

Taking an up close look at these fascinating creatures, and exploring their mysterious world...

SIX SECONDS TO DIE - Director/Producer/Writer/Camera/Editor/Visual Effects - 3 min short film, 2013.

TOKYO DUSK - Director/Producer/Writer/Camera/Editor/Visual Effects - 12 min short film, 2012. IMDB

Since a major earthquake everyone is on edge, and now crazed attacks and a killer virus are on the rise...

LABOURERS - Director/Producer/Writer/Camera/Actor/Editor/Visual Effects/Motion Graphics - 12 min short film, 2010.

Training to be a Labourer? This video covers everything from sweeping, accidents and Zombie Apocalypse...

PSILOCYBE - Director/Producer/Writer/Camera/Actor/Editor/Visual Effects - 12 min short film, 2009. IMDB

Two best friends plan a night in taking hallucinogenic magic mushrooms.  What could possibly go wrong?

BLOOD COUNTRY - Director/Producer/Writer/Camera/Practical Effects/Editor - 20 min short film, 2007.

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