2012: Tokyo Dusk (Short Film)



When the ground is shaking beneath you, watch out for the dead rising towards you.


A young British woman, Alex, finishes work for the day in the busy metropolis of Tokyo, shortly after a major earthquake everyone is still on edge. Away from home and unsure how to deal with the situation she rushes back to her apartment to check the news and decide what to do. However as things unfold it appears that tremors aren’t the only thing she has to fear, reports on TV suggest that crazed random attacks and a killer virus are spreading, the situation definitely seems to be getting worse. After receiving a strange call from a friend she decides to check he is alright, unfortunately she is soon in peril again and must fight for her life against a new undead danger.

No-one is ever ready for an earthquake, the unease, the panic, now imagine if the undead rose at the same time.

Tokyo Dusk is based in part of the director’s experience of living in Tokyo during the major earthquake on the 11th of March 2011. The idea to capture the uncertainty and unease of living in a foreign country during a major crisis, while at the same time twisting it in a new direction with a different danger. Self-funded, the film was made for only £50 and shot with friends and colleagues living in Japan whom had also experienced the same disaster. When you have no experience or knowledge to base your baring on, how would you react and cope with an unknown danger.

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